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​Delicate management decisions require careful clarification of complex and sensitive issues. Authorities must also clarify facts or substantiate or invalidate suspicions before they make justifiable decisions. This course covers all phases of a preliminary investigation, from the issuing of an assignment to reporting. It is aimed at specialists and managers of public authorities and private companies who are entrusted with investigative tasks. Participants will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to perform their tasks professionally and efficiently.



  • Information requirements

  • Investigation management

  • Building hypotheses

Procurement of information

  • Overt and covert investigations (domestic and international)

  • Techniques, tools and scripts for internet research

  • Strategies and workflows


  • Data management

  • Preservation of evidence

  • Protocolling


  • Analysis techniques

  • Pattern recognition

  • Evaluation of sources, data and warning signals


  • ​​Layout and structure of the investigation report

  • Attachments, captions and templates

  • Data protection




The course is led by Yves Baumgartner. He has over 19 years of experience as a researcher and investigator for public institutions and private clients. As an adviser with i-intelligence, he has taught investigative skills to security, defence and law enforcement professionals and is a regular lecturer on the use of OSINT to counter terrorism, extremism and organised crime.

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