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Crisis Management

Crises pose unforeseen challenges for companies. In order to be prepared for the worst case scenario, successful crisis management is vital.


Our workshop provides the theoretical elements that are indispensable for effective crisis management. Through practical exercises your team will identify the strengths and critical weaknesses of your company. To improve your strategic and operational readiness, we devise exercise scenarios tailored to your company as well as the relevant markets.

Workshop Agenda

Crisis Preparedness

  • Risk assessment

  • Incident and trend analysis

  • Strategic foresight

  • Action plans

  • Training and simulations

Crisis Prevention

  • Early warning indicators

  • Perceived risk versus actual risk

  • Leadership, mandate and protocols

  • Situational awareness

  • Emergency response and force

Crisis Event Management

  • Detection and monitoring

  • Leadership engagement

  • Effective decision making (stress test)

  • Crisis communication

  • Crisis stabilization

Post Crisis Management

  • Recovery plans

  • Leadership engagement

  • Investigative measures and handling

  • Post crisis impact

  • Evaluation and maturing




The workshop is led by Marc Baerentzen, an experienced analyst and program manager for security and crisis management. He has worked primarily with the Danish National Police and has extensive expertise in intelligence analysis of crisis situations. He offers advice to companies and non-governmental organizations on risk management. Marc Baerentzen holds a Master's degree (Cand.scient.adm) with specialization in terrorism within Western societies.

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